Collective Energy Africa/Zellsolar

Established in July 2021 in Kenya, Collective Energy Africa (CEA) swiftly emerged as
a leading distributor of lithium-ion batteries in Africa. Focused on introducing BYD,
a global leader in lithium battery technology, to sub-Saharan markets, we take pride
in excelling in after-sales service and local purchasing operations. Conveniently
based in Nairobi, our distribution hub efficiently serves East and West Africa,
ensuring instant battery module supply and seamless provisioning. This strategic
approach, combined with our commitment to customer education, has positioned us
as a leader in BYD technology distribution, revolutionizing the lithium-ion battery
market across sub-Saharan Africa. Notably, we’ve built this market from the ground
up, establishing a strong presence and credibility.
Building upon the success of CEA, Zellsolar, as the South African branch, stands as a
prominent distributor of BYD energy storage solutions. Zellsolar is committed to
propelling the evolution of sustainable energy storage systems across Southern
African countries. Rooted in the same DNA as CEA, Zellsolar seamlessly integrates
the main pillars of CEA: Product inventory, Specialized Lithium-Ion BYD Training,
and After-Sales support underscore the profound depth of our commitment.
CEA and Zellsolar are leading a journey towards a world where efficient and
sustainable energy storage, powered by BYD’s technology and expertise.