The Congolese Association for Renewable and Decentralized Energies – ACERD is an independent non-profit organization working in the renewable energy industry in the DRC. Founded in July 2018, at its first General Assembly, ACERD is made up of various local, regional and international companies, the majority of which are major development players thanks to their contributions to the development of renewable and decentralized energies in the DRC.

ACERD’s major role is to promote sustainable development solutions and techniques through the products and services that make up the activities of Association members; but also to become a leading association in the renewable and decentralized energy industry in order to create viable and sustainable markets, by promoting respect for norms and standards in order to provide:

  • Consumer products appropriate to the needs of the populations;
  • Products and services of impeccable quality;
  • Greater access of households, businesses and Congolese communities to renewable and decentralized energies in order to help accelerate their development.