African Solar Industry Association is thrilled to welcome Copper Quail Global as new member
23 Nov 2023

Introducing Copper Quail Global

Copper Quail Global stands out in the solar industry for its dedicated focus on recruitment within the African market. Their team of expert recruiters is not just skilled in talent acquisition but also brings valuable on-field experience in the solar sector.

Why Copper Quail Global is a Game-Changer

  • In-Depth Knowledge of the African Solar Market: Copper Quail Global’s expertise in the African solar landscape is invaluable in connecting the right talent with the right opportunities.
  • Experienced Solar Industry Recruiters: Their team’s hands-on experience in the industry translates into insightful and effective recruitment strategies with more than 275MW worth of solar PV installations successfully completed.
  • Commitment to Advancing Solar Energy in Africa: Copper Quail Global shares our passion for promoting sustainable solar energy development across the continent.

Learn more about Copper Quail Global and the pivotal role they play in the solar industry. Visit their website at Copper Quail Global or LinkedIn Page.


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