JinkoSolar Supplies 1.1MWh BESS for Hybrid Off-grid PV/DG System in Djibouti
24 Aug 2023

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JinkoSolar today announced it has delivered a 1.1MWh BESS for Hybrid Off-grid PV/DG System in the Republic of Djibouti, Horn of Africa, Ethiopia to the southwest, for the electrification of rural communities.

This PV/DG/BATT off-grid system is composed of 1200 kW JinkoSolar’s Tiger Neo PV modules, three diesel generators, 1.1 MWh JinkoSolar’s battery storage, and inverters, PCS, converter systems which are all provided by JinkoSolar.

JinkoSolar’s C&I battery storage system has a scalable configuration providing one to four hours of a variety of configuration options. It covers a wide power range from 50KW to 2 MW on-grid and far more off-grid. This C&I solution has a modular design with a battery unit, PCS unit, inverters, switchgear, and transformer for upgrade operation. This solution is an economic alternative and a more reliable counterpart. The lithium-ion batteries with 100 percent Depth of Discharge (DOD) ensure 15 years of performance life under standard conditions. The safety of the system is driven by thermal management design and hierarchical linkage protection. To increase reliability, there is a temperature control system for the battery. The ease of installation due to being prewired in the factory saves the trouble of complicated set-up. Its outdoor cabinet design enables ease of transportation and on-site installation.