Clenergy Enters the African Market with Premium Solar Mounting Solutions
13 Sep 2023

Clenergy, a global leader in solar mounting solutions, is thrilled to announce its latest milestone – a stock listing in South Africa. As they expand their reach to new horizons, they are there to meet your solar needs across the African continent.

🌟 Why Choose Clenergy? 🌟

PVezRack® is their flagship product line, proudly serving the solar industry since 2007. What began as a trusted name in Australia has now become an international icon, with our solar mounting solutions available in over 50 countries.

🔆 Why PVezRack® Stands Out: ✅ Proven Track Record: With over a decade of experience, PVezRack® has a history of excellence and reliability. ✅ Premium Quality: Our products are built to last, designed with precision engineering and the highest quality materials. ✅ Sustainable Solutions: We’re committed to sustainable energy and a greener future, reflected in our solar mounting systems.

Are you ready to take your solar projects to new heights in Africa? Clenergy is here to provide the support and top-notch solutions you need.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exciting journey in South Africa and continue to power the world with clean energy. 🌐☀️

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