Aptech Africa builds 12 MWp solar plant for Ezra Construction in Juba, South Sudan
30 Nov 2022

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Aptech Africa is pleased to report that it has erected 12 MWp of solar panels in Juba, South Sudan for Ezra Construction. Aptech Africa has been permanently located in South Sudan since 2011, and is the EPC company of choice for solar installations within the country. Its team has carried out the EPC works, including the assessment, design, and solar panel installation for this project.

Ezra Construction has self-financed this project as part of its initiative to increase the contribution of renewable energy to Juba’s grid. This project will address the UN Sustainable Development goals 7 (Affordable Access to Clean Energy) and Sustainable Development Goal 13 (Climate action). This system has the potential to prevent 9,600 Kg of CO2 emissions per day, or almost 3800 tons of carbon emissions per year.

This system will provide much needed electricity to over 525,000 people who live in Juba, South Sudan.  Improved access to electricity will have a positive socio-economic impact on the entire city, improving services for hospitals, schools, and businesses.